RNA Extraction Kit

As the carrier of genetic information, the most important biological information molecule, nucleic acid is the main object of molecular biology research. Nucleic acid extraction and subsequent operations are the basis of biological research, so ensuring the high quality of the extracted nucleic acids is crucial to the research effect. Creative Biolabs has transformed existing RNA extraction methods and developed several fast, high-purity RNA extraction and purification kits for various samples such as blood, cells, and tissues. The extracted RNA can meet RT-PCR, Northern Blot , Dot blot and other downstream applications.

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VRna-Wyb001 Spin Column Animal Total RNA Purification Kit Modified spin column animal total RNA extraction kit, Rapid, Direct, High stability and good reproducibility. Animal Tissue 50 PREPS $477.00
VRna-Wyb002 Virus RNA Isolation Kit Virus RNA isolation kit, Serum (plasma) and other liquid samples, High recovery, Sensitivity: 50-100 copies/ml, At most 1.5 ml liquid virus sample. Virus sample 10 PREPS $405.00
VRna-Wyb003 Blood Total RNA Isolation Kit Blood total RNA isolation kit, high RNA yield, good RNA integrity, high pureness: Od260/280 is generally 2.0. blood 50 PREPS $477.00
VRna-Wyb004 Animal Total RNA Isolation Kit Animal total RNA isolation kit, Simple and rapid, high RNA yield, good RNA integrity, Suitable for bulk RNA extraction. Animal Tissue 50 PREPS $405.00
VRna-Wyb005 UNlQ-10 Column Total RNA Purification Kit UNlQ-10 column total RNA purification kit, Good RNA purity, High RNA integrity. Human, animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and other tissues or cells. 20 PREPS $405.00
VRna-Wyb006 Spin Column RNA Cleanup & Concentration Kit Spin column RNA cleanup & concentration kit, Recovery rate up to 80%, High purity, Rapid. RNA molecules transcribed in vitro and total RNA extracted from various materials. 50 PREPS $650.00
VRna-Wyb007 UNlQ-10 Column Trizol Total RNA Isolation Kit UNlQ-10 column Trizol total RNA isolation kit, No DNA or protein contamination, No siRNA, snRNA, 5.8s rRNA, 5S rRNA, tRNAs and other RNAs less than 200 nt. Human, animal, plant, fungal, bacterial and other tissues or cells. 20 PREPS $405.00
VRna-Wyb008 EZ-10 Spin Column Viral Total RNA Extraction Kit EZ-10 spin column viral total RNA extraction kit, high recovery, High RNA purity, Rapid, Safe and non-toxic. Cell-free materials such as serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, feces and supernatant of cultured cells. 50 PREPS $650.00


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