Formulation Optimization Platform for SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine

Vaccines are considered the basis of preventive medicine. However, for many pathogens, the development of vaccines that stimulate protective long-lasting immunity has been a challenge. In view of the imminent development of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) vaccine, Creative Biolabs launched our formulation optimization platform to provide high-quality services for the rational design of vaccine.

For the raging SARS-CoV-2, it is very important to design a reasonable vaccine to distinguish the chemical and physical characteristics of the immune response of microorganisms. Therefore, some challenging pathogens and weak immune responders may need to be further optimized in adjuvant formulations to maximize the magnitude and duration of protective immunity. In addition, the optimization of delivery system and other excipients are all the important factors in vaccine design and production.

Adjuvant Optimization

Adjuvants incorporated into vaccine formulations can affect vaccine efficacy by enhancing, regulating and/or prolonging the immune response. In addition, they reduce the number of immunizations required for antigen concentration and protective efficacy, thus helping to make vaccines more cost-effective. Our adjuvant platforms include aluminum-containing adjuvants, liposomes, pathogen recognition receptor agonists, polymeric particles, emulsions, cytokines and bacterial toxins, which can be used to optimize the immunostimulatory activity of candidate vaccines.

Characteristic properties of vaccine adjuvants. Fig.1 Characteristic properties of vaccine adjuvants. (Bonam, 2017)

Delivery System Optimization

Different immune pathways and physical/chemical delivery methods have been used in the treatment of various diseases. The delivery system concentrates adjuvants and antigens in a repetitive mode, targets vaccine antigens to antigen presenting cell (APC), and helps co-locate antigens and immunoenhancers. Adjuvants, together with delivery systems, can enhance body specificity and active immune response. Among them, nanoparticles (NP) such as dendrimers, polymer NP, metal NP, magnetic NP and quantum dots have become effective vaccine delivery vectors for the treatment of infectious diseases.

Live/non-live delivery systems. Fig.2 Live/non-live delivery systems. (Bolhassani, 2011)

Formulation Parameters Optimization

The optimization of formulation parameters includes pH value, ionic strength and buffer type. In addition, stable excipients need to be studied so that they can be incorporated into vaccine preparations to extend the shelf life of vaccines. Since the main mechanism of antigen degradation may not be clear in the early stages of development, it is important to evaluate excipients from various stabilizers. Scientists at Creative Biolabs have a comprehensive understanding of vaccine excipients and will definitely find the best solution for your vaccine formulation.

Features of our Formulation Optimization Platform

  • A comprehensive experience and experimental design-based formulation platform helping you explore the best formulations with high success rates
  • Minimize time, energy, and supply while maximizing product performance
  • Competitive price

For SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development, if you have any needs in formulation optimization, please contact us.


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